Oh hi there!

That's me above with a big grin on my face, in my happy place, sipping on a freshly squeezed juice.  I'm a native Angeleno, which means I was born and raised on the sunny streets of Los Angeles, California.  Growing up in such a diverse place makes me realize how much culture plays a significant part in my life as I've learned first-handed the influence and impact it plays in ones life.  Whether it's something that we're born with, raised with, and/or have learned through our surroundings, it never stops being fascinating.  

I've been fortunate to travel through most of the continents (I'm coming for you Antarctica!) and have lived in Spain, Thailand, and Australia over the years.  This allowed me to really delve deep into the cultural roots behind these countries.  What speaks to me most is the food and the connection it provides through its people.  This keen interest needed to be expressed and shared with my family and friends across the globe and so this project was born.
My Hungry Monster is dedicated to my food adventures.  The name was adopted from the loud growl in my stomach that would occur (on command, mind you) when hungry. The range of this talent slight abnormality has been tested and can be heard from an astounding 15-18 meters. Not bad for a stomach! 

Join me, a traveling foodie, in this tasty journey both near and far who prefers quality over quantity.  There's nothing more important to me than great food and amazing company. From street food to fine dining, when I say I'm serious about my food, I mean it. RAWR!

To delicious discoveries,