Keeping a blog is like flossing: something you should remember to do but sometimes forget. Luckily, I've got the flossing part down (my dentist would be proud) but as far as updating this, it started strong then faded away.

Well, I'm back and kicking now after lots of food and lots of travel!

To finish up writing briefly about my adventures in Thailand, another one of my friends, Ksenia, came out to visit on an "Eat, Pray, Love" trip she planned after finishing up her master thesis.

If you're ever in Bangkok and looking for one bar to go to, I highly recommend the Sky Bar, sitting on the 63rd floor of the Sirocco State Tower (dress code enforced). It's an open-air bar that has a great view of the city and according to Ksenia, was one of the best bars she had ever been to:

Enough with the words and more with the photos, I say! Here are a couple of some delicious ones:

My breakfast 60% of the time while living on Soi Ari, a Thai green egg noodle w/roasted duck...mmmmm...

Red chilies at spa-turned-restaurant Shambala (top), garlic chicken in Ayutthaya (the Siamese kingdom from 1351 to 1767), nam neung at a tasty Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok.

Dessert at After You Cafe, crispy appetizer at a Thai-Chinese restaurant, little pineapple cake piggies with sunflower seed ears.