After twiddling my thumbs for a couple weeks deciding what to write about next, it came to me last minute.  Back in June, I attended a Food Styling & Photography Workshop led by Dario Milano of Food Pixels.  He also holds regular food photography contests to challenge, inspire, and motivate us food bloggers/photographers/stylists.  Anyone can submit a photo as long as it fits the theme, which is chosen by the previous contest winner.  The most recent theme was a Black and White Food Photography.

To eliminate all the vibrant and beautiful colors of ingredients really leads you to focus on other elements like textures, shapes, light and contrast.  So on the last day and last couple of hours, I rummaged through the kitchen and ended up submitting the almonds photo below (2nd photo).  In the process, I also snapped a couple of other photos keeping in line with the B&W theme.  Hope you enjoy them!

I love how the cheese knife connects with the white of the table in this one.