Can I just say that I LOVE going to food and wine shows/festivals/exhibits/fundraisers/competitions? This past weekend, I attended the Good Food & Wine Show at the Sydney Convention Center on Sunday, its last day.

There's nothing I love more than being able to sample little bites and drinks all-day.  It gives me the opportunity to taste and get to know a product and decide whether I like it or not...all before the point of purchase.  Although the food samples were average and there was a lack of cheese vendors (wine but no cheese?), I did enjoy sampling the wines from different regions, ciders, coffees, and teas.  

The 3-day event included plenty of vendors covering the floor and providing samples to attendees, cooking demonstrations from chefs, workshops, classes, tastings, and chefs tables.  It tours 5 cities and now heads to Perth in a couple weeks so without further adieu, here are some of the photos I snapped from the event:

I have to say, my taste buds are changing here (for the better).  Whereas before I could only withstand certain types of teas (basically the ones that didn't hold a strong tea taste or had lots of other flavors covering it), I can feel it starting to open up (thank you taste buds!) and I just fell in love with the Chai pictured above.  Perfect for cold days! 

P.S. Thanks for reading and for everyone's continued support and love!