T-minus 2 days until the Crave Sydney International Food Festival officially kicks off on Saturday, October 1st for the entire month.

This one is the BIG one of the year.   My expectations are high, I've been reading and following it for the past couple of months.  It sounds like a great event so I sit here blogging about my excitement as the month of October will be packed with food-filled events.  Here's a preview of what's to come:

Good news is, I've been fortunate enough to get involved and will be helping out with the World Chef Showcase.  Chefs from many parts of the world will be showing what goes on behind-the-scenes and this year's theme is across South America!!!

If you're in or near Sydney and a big foodie or simply want to attend, I would definitely recommend going to this event.  It sounds like one not to miss!  More to come from me later :)