A few weeks ago, I had the fortunate opportunity to volunteer for the World Chef Showcase for the Crave Sydney International Food Festival.  It was the big 2 day kick-off event to the festival filled with chefs from different countries (Peru, Brazil, Argentina, the US, the UK, France, Sweden, and of course, Australia..just to name a few) giving demonstrations, tastings, and talks.  Here's a few of the chefs that I was able to meet up and work with and snap a quick photo with:

From top to bottom, left to right: David Lebovitz, Gaston Acurio, Ricardo Zarate, Adriano Zumbo (sorry Zumbo, I couldn't resist throwing in a silly face)
If you're an avid reader of food blogs (you know, apart from mine..), then you'll have to check out David Lebovitz: living the sweet life in Paris.

If you're a lover of ceviche and Peruvian food, then you'll need to:

If you've got a sweet tooth and are in Sydney, then stuff your face silly with some of Adriano Zumbo macarons and other pastries.  

WOW.  I am just full of (even more) links today!

But really, WOW!  Looking back and reflecting on the event and experience, I met and came across so many wonderful people that inspire me to continue growing and do more with this passion of mine.  There's more chefs and writers and people I want to mention but in keeping with my "short posts", I may have to save it for a Part II re-cap.

Until next time, enjoy Friday!