Where do I even begin? The last post I did was nearly 3 months ago (eek!) and lots has happened! 

The month of December and January brought lots of much needed travel.  As my work and holiday visa was nearly up and I needed to make a "visa run," I opted to go to Thailand once again.  With some family and friends there, along with more desire for culinary adventures, the decision was easy.  I have to say that with each visit, I'm learning how to be a better Thai.  And by that, I'm eating more dishes that, when I was a kid, I found not suited for my American taste buds but fortunately, times are changing!

So enough with the talking and on with the pictures! 

Jet-setting: one of my favorite hobbies
I even found a "food stylist" magazine while waiting at a salon! 
Everywhere you look, the streets are lined with food.
Follow me on my trails through the country...
A resemblance between the art and the papaya salads.
The unpretentiousness of street food
Grilling bananas!
Disposable cone-shaped water cups and watching a sunset in BKK!
Make a wish! Write your dreams! 
Loving the yellow tabletop!
A nice lunch with my mum, auntie, and brother.  
Up in Chiang Mai.  On the right, boiling eggs in the hot springs.
The many flavors (sauces) of Thailand.
A gorgeous sunset.
Overall, a really good trip!