The good thing about waiting awhile in between posts is that I get these spouts of energy and then really get into it!  So let's say I've taken an extended coffee break:

White Coffee in Ipoh, Malyasia.
Coffee beans are roasted in margarine, then brewed and served with sweetened condensed milk.  
Being here in Australia has exposed me to different cultures than I'm normally used to, like the Malaysian one.  So when my friend Alex told me he was going to be in Malaysia the same time I was in Thailand and recommended that I go visit the country, then I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  After all, between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur is a short 2-hour flight, the equivalent of driving in traffic from one end of Los Angeles to the other.

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur
Thanks to the wonderful world of CouchSurfing, I've certainly made a lot of great friends who enjoy a lot of the same hobbies from traveling, to eating, to really getting down and exploring all the different cultures the world has to offer.  Alex, who I originally met in LA and who also lives there, together with some of his friends along the way, showed me the local side of Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur, to Ipoh, to his hometown of Sitiawan.  Here's just some of my visual and edible experiences I had:

2 different types of the fruit, rambutan
Savory or sweet snacks wrapped in banana leaves;
chicken heads - hmm..wonder what they're going to make out of that..
Grilled fish and laksa - there's too much to eat here!
Sweet potatoes and salted, steamed chicken
Everyone needs a quick sugar fix for some Cendol - jelly noodles made with rice flour, food coloring from  pandan leaves, palm sugar, coconut milk, red beans and shaved ice