The Taste of Sydney food festival ran last week from Thursday, March 14 – Sunday, March 17, 2013.  I definitely attended to check out what they had and not only for one session, but for three sessions! Call me a bit crazy but there’s a reason behind it.  You see, I’d bought tickets about a month ago and then ended up getting some free tickets so hey, why not? It would be beneficial because then, I could “suss” it out the first time.

What I love about going to food festivals is the opportunity to DISCOVER.  Discover new restaurants, new chefs, new food, new ingredients, new spreads, new dips, new oils, new beer, new wine, new alcohol, etc.  Okay, sometimes they may not be new but they’re new to me so the novelty is there. 

With a plethora of different goods around, it’s easy to get intimidated when going to the store and buying a full pack of X.  Perhaps one may have no idea of what it taste like or even how to prepare or what it pairs with best.  Luckily, vendors at these food festivals are very happy to let you sample and taste the final product.  They’ve done the work of combining and testing out what they know to find the best match together and have it presented for you to try.

The cider tent! Ever thought of trying a "cider float?" I tried it with some frozen yogurt, definitely made for those who can handle the strong tart flavours.  This was a "secret menu" item concocted by a vendor at another tent :) 
Jackie M. cooking up some Malaysian Roti Canai
The Sustainable Living area :)
Some cheese? Don't mind if I do! Let me count the ways I love thee....
It’s no secret that I’m a big (HUGE) fan of gelato and one of THE places here in Sydney, Gelato Messina, has converted me into an addict.  One day, I’ll probably write up a love letter – whether it’s to the gelateria shop and/or to their flavours and/or the art and science behind it, it’ll happen.  Messina holds classes for those who are interested in finding out what goes behind the scenes and to show their raving popularity, all the classes for the rest of the year have been booked out for awhile now!

In any case, the best highlight for me during the Taste of Sydney was being able to watch head gelato chef Donato Toce from Gelato Messina prepare 2 of their popular gelato flavours: salted caramel and white chocolate, and tiramisu.  I learned fun facts like how they go through 1,000kg of sugar per week (mmm…sugar) or that the weekly specials are determined and tested 6 weeks in advanced! Overall, I was a happy camper with a full belly (as usual....).

With Donato Toce of Gelato Messina and with my gelato spoon ready in hand!