When the days are hot and humid as they have been the last few weeks, my mind drifts off and is reminiscent of Thailand.  Sure, the weather sometimes can be quite sticky, but if you choose the right time to go, it'll definitely make your experience a lot more pleasant.  Aim to go around November - January as it's cooler and drier during that period of the year.

Thailand is a great place to start if you're wanting to travel Southeast Asia as it's very tourist friendly for those that don't speak the language.  And, well, who can deny the beauty of the country? It offers a multitude of vacations, from the hustling and bustling metropolis city of Bangkok filled with endless shopping, to the lush green mountainous region of Chiang Mai in the north, to island hopping in the southern part of Thailand.  

Below are some snapshots from Haad Yuan beach on Koh Phangan (Ko Pha Ngan) as well as from the other side at Phang-nga (the names sure can get confusing..).  Grab a coconut and enjoy!

AuthorLinda I