One click to the next, researching, word of mouth, these are a few of my favorite websites and organizations:

Fallen Fruit: uses fruit as a common denominator to change the way you see the world. Using photography, video, performance, and installation, Fallen Fruitโ€™s work focuses on urban space, neighborhood, located citizenship and community in relation to fruit.

Food Forward: a volunteer powered grassroots group of Angelenos who care about reconnecting to our food system and making change around urban hunger.

SoLA Food Coop: access to fresh, healthy food is a human right rather than a privilege.  The SoLA Food Coop will be community owned and operated, providing access to the South (Central) LA neighborhood and surrounding areas.  Volunteers + support + memberships needed to open up this brick and mortar.

Slow Food Internationala global, grassroots organization linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to local communities and the environment.

Good Food on KCRW: explores current events, social phenomena, history and culture through the lens of food. 

Taste Spotting: a highly visual potluck of recipes, references, experiences, stories, articles, products, and anything else that inspires exquisite taste.

What Katie Ate: a foodie photography site with a natural, rustic, tactile and graphic quality by Sydney based Katie Quinn Davies.

SheSimmers: Thai home cooking by Leela Punyaratabandhu in exquisite detail.

Breakfast Criminals: a movement with a goal to inspire everyone to eat a healthy, superfood breakfast served with love.